NameStart DateEnd DateRating

Goldmint (MNTP)ICO

Blockchain based platform which operates gold-backed crypto assets GOLD
2017年9月20日 上午9:00:002017年10月20日 上午9:00:005.83


IPS is the first decentralized bill payment project and a universal e-commerce gateway of its kind on the blockchain designed to provide reliable and safe transactions between multiple parties.
2018年7月1日 上午12:00:002018年9月30日 上午12:00:008.33


ADGONOS is the first ICO launched by students from top-notch universities across Asia. The ADGONOS framework provides an ad-free environment for mobile app users, as well as increased revenue for app...
2018年5月15日 上午12:00:002018年7月15日 下午11:59:007.71


MONETIZING SPORTS AND HEALTH DATA VIA BLOCKCHAIN Lympo is a sports and health ecosystem powered by priceless user-generated and user-controlled data which can help generate exponential returns for in...
2018年2月17日 下午12:00:002018年1月28日 下午12:00:005.00


MyBtcFx is the brand new 4xBit Cryptocurrency that houses excellent investment and ROI possibilities for passive investors looking to make a quick profit in the crypto market.
2017年10月11日 上午12:00:002018年7月18日 上午12:00:005.83


Lendoit is decentralized P2P lending marketplace platform based on Ethereum, which connects borrowers and lenders worldwide using the advantages of Smart Contracts and the Blockchain technology. Loans...
2017年12月13日 下午2:00:002018年1月13日 下午2:00:007.50

imusify (IMU)Pre-ICO

imusify is an award-winning music platform that is reinventing the global music industry in order to liberate music makers, music fans, and music entrepreneurs. IMU tokens are used as the engine to s...

Tradingene (TNG)ICO

First blockchain based marketplace of trading algorithms. Tradingene is a blockchain-based platform designed to bring algorithm creators and investors together on an auction-based marketplace.
2018年5月16日 上午12:00:002018年6月23日 上午12:00:008.12

premium 7ype (7YPE)ICO

From BAFTA recognised movie actor Samuel Victor, 7ype is a unique, forward thinking and innovative way for feature films to be financed, allowing supporters to share in the success of the films. Over...
2017年7月17日 上午12:00:002017年8月27日 下午11:55:003.75


Decentralized all in one platform. forex, stocks and Crypto exchange all in one account
2018年5月18日 上午12:00:002018年7月18日 上午12:00:004.58

Digitex Futures Exchange (DGTX)ICO

Digitex is a 0% commission futures exchange with decentralized account balances that is run democratically by its traders.
2018年1月15日 下午2:00:002018年2月15日 上午12:00:007.50

ProximaX (XPX)ICO

ProximaX is an advanced extension of the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with utility-rich services and protocols. With a NEM.io inspired blockchain layer at its core, a decentraliz...
2018年4月15日 上午12:00:002018年4月25日 下午11:59:007.08

EtherJack (JACK)ICO

The Game of Greed on Ethereum Network! Players compete for the jackpot by placing small bids sequentially. A certain timeout duration is allocated after each bid: if someone else bids during the du...
2018年1月23日 下午1:00:002018年3月8日 下午1:00:007.50

Vestopia (VTP)ICO

The Dubai based Vestopia is a revolutionary and fully integrated investment ecosystem designed to create an interconnected profitability chain to the Vestopia VTP Token holder. The Platform will allow...
2018年1月25日 上午8:00:002018年3月26日 上午8:00:008.33


Trading cryptos before market moves, based on sentiment, aggregating millions of news feeds.

CoTrader (COT)ICO

Disrupting the $85 trillion opaque global investment funds industry with a transparent blockchain marketplace DAO on SuperDEX infrastructure.
2018年7月30日 上午10:00:002018年8月28日 上午10:00:008.96

Gizer (GZR)Pre-ICO

The Global Gaming Network
2017年11月21日 下午1:00:002017年12月30日 下午1:00:007.44

Catholic coin (CTC)ICO

Catholiccoins is a crypto-based charity coin that creates campaigns and lets the global Catholic community to actively participate in donating funds for orphans and senior citizens in homes of the eld...
2018年7月7日 下午12:00:002018年8月4日 下午11:00:009.58

Officium (OFC)ICO

Officium is global project, which tries to simplify interaction between sellers (service providers/freelancers/vendors) and buyers (purchasers) on the internet. This interaction will take place at Off...
2018年7月1日 下午3:00:002018年8月25日 下午3:00:008.31

DarcMatter Coin (DMC)Pre-ICO

DarcMatter Coin (DMC) will use NEMs blockchain to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative investment industry.
2018年3月22日 上午12:00:002018年6月15日 下午11:00:009.17